Meet our Leadership

  • Hunter Cook's photo

    Hunter Cook

    Founder/Executive Director

    Hunter is our big idea guy. Through his professional work in the mental health field and his experience working one on one with clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Hunter worked to bring Nancy’s Place to life. He knows when his clients have access to healthy homes and can successfully participate in their communities, they are more likely to lead happy lives.

  • Madeline Cook's photo

    Madeline Cook

    Director of Development & Community Outreach

    Maddie is our implementer. Her years of experience in community organizing and non-profit management helped set Nancy’s Place up for success. Maddie understands the importance of lifting up all voices and advocating for positive change. Through her political and advocacy work, she hopes to increase awareness of the obstacles our clients face.

  • Cody Crandall's photo

    Cody Crandall

    Chief Technology Officer

    Cody is dedicated to architecting exceptional user experiences. He pioneers innovative concepts to elevate web interactions. As CTO of Nancy's Place, Cody collaborates closely with the CEO, orchestrating web experiences to ensure optimal user satisfaction. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to code quality, he drives projects forward, always focusing on user-centric design. Furthermore, Cody is an avid contributor to the open-source community.

Meet our Board

  • Lindsay Foster's photo

    Lindsay Foster

    Board President

    Lindsay Foster is a mother of a child with a disability and brings unique insight into the challenges and struggles many of the families we assist face. Alongside her valuable personal experience, Lindsay is a cyber security expert with exceptional problem-solving skills that have been invaluable to our organization. Her dedication to our mission and expertise make her a valuable asset to our team.

  • Elizabeth Blind's photo

    Elizabeth Blind

    Board Secretary

    Liz Blind is an accomplished mother of two and an experienced nonprofit professional with expertise in grant writing. With a proven track record of success, Liz brings a valuable perspective to our organization's mission. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to serving the community have made her an indispensable team member. We are grateful for the passion and commitment she brings to aid in our nonprofit goals, and we are proud to have her on our board of directors.

  • Damarcus Taylor's photo

    Damarcus Taylor

    Board Treasurer

    Damarcus is an accomplished professional with diverse experience in nonprofit management and human services. He has an educational background in nonprofit youth administration and is an expert in nonprofit management. With his attention to detail and expertise in trend analysis, corrective action, and service planning, he is an excellent fit for Nancy's Place. Additionally, his experience in coaching his staff, training new employees, and facilitating youth programs will be valuable in supporting individuals with intellectual and mental disabilities.

  • Kristin Tague's photo

    Kristin Tague

    Board Member

    In addition to her role at Nancy's Place, Kristin brings a wealth of expertise as an Early Childhood Special Education Consultant for the Heartland AEA. With a deep understanding of early childhood development and special education, she plays an instrumental role in shaping the futures of young learners, ensuring they receive the tailored support and guidance they deserve. Kristin's commitment to fostering inclusive environments in housing and education showcases her dedication to making a difference in the lives of those with special needs.

  • Nikki King's photo

    Nikki King

    Board Member

    With over ten years of classroom experience, Nikki is the Instructional Strategist at Central Campus for Des Moines Public Schools, bringing a profound background in Special Education and English education. Specializing in literacy for students with cognitive learning disabilities, her advanced study on the intersection of special needs and mental health underscores her advocacy for students with (dis)abilities. Nikki’s dedication extends beyond words into actionable advocacy, showcasing her commitment to fostering an inclusive educational environment for all learners.